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Customers Reviews

The Best Book I Have Read In A Long Time!

I bought this book out of curiosity and I was really impressed. I couldn’t stop reading it! It’s full of information that has changed my life!

It is a book not only to read, but to study and put into practice. Now I am reading it again and taking notes on it, studying it and writing to Ricardo, asking him questions about the book, and I have very many questions! And the nicest thing about my experience is that Ricardo Chávez answers all of my questions! Everyone should read this book and put into practice all the teachings that are there.

Thank you, Ricardo, for the beautiful gift that is your book!

Mónica Torreblanca

100% Recommended!

Well, I cannot pass up the opportunity to share how happy I feel that in one way or another, this wonderful book came into my possession. It is simply wonderful to know where we come from and where we are going, why the things happen on our path through life and how we can evolve as human beings to never lose our way is the most important!

Well, I recommend it 100%!


It Is A Book That I’ve Waited For All My Live!

It answers so many questions! This book has changed my life! Today, I understand the love and mercy that God has for us. I recommend this book to all of the people who want to open their eyes and understand so many things.

I highly recommend this book. It gives you so much insight into what God’s love is all about. It has changed my life and way of thinking. So many answers to so many questions.

Luz Loza

It’s Mangificent! I Have Been Reading About Past Lives For Many Years…

It’s great. I have been reading about past lives, reincarnation, and other stuff for many years, but I have to accept that this book is the best one that has fallen into my hands. I hope that you continue writing, Ricardo, because we need more literature to enlighten us. I recommend it, you won’t regret it!

Rosa San Jorge

Excelent And Very Easy To Understand!

  This book is excellent and very easy to understand! A lot to learn! I highly recommend it and express my gratitude to the author for all this wonderful information.

Noemí Garrido

Five Stars!

Fast delivery and spectacular customer service! Thank you very much, Ricardo Chávez!

Tania Sánchez

Great Presentation!

Magnificent presentation! Thank you for this jewel of light and knowledge that has changed my life!

Eddy Buenfil

This Book Is Spectacular!

It is true that this book will change your life! I LOVE its content and the charming way in which the author presents each of the themes. From now on, it will not leave my bedside table! THANK YOU RICARDO CHÁVEZ!!!
Georgina Santamaría

This Book Is A Treasure Of Knowledge!

This book contains the essence of the process of awakening that we are living through on this planet. In a simple but powerful way, this book explains the bases of the new spiritual path that is being opened to all of us, beings of light, who are in search of the growth in the love and the evolution like beings coming from the Universal Energy.

This book is a treasure of knowledge.

Roxana Aponte

The Other Side Of A Beautiful Face

This Mexican soap opera actor shows that it is possible to acquire and share spiritual wisdom, although he works in a job that seems to have nothing to do with this. It’s very interesting how I’ve seen that this book has helped many people find answers about reincarnation, spiritual life and destiny. It is good, and even better if you also know the author.

María Depalma

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