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How Long Have You Wanted to Be Happy?

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How can I achieve true happiness? Is there life after death? What is love at first sight? Why does everything seem to be so difficult to me, while it is so easy for others? Is it possible to live in abundance and attract love into my life? Why does it seem to be more crime and natural disasters? Do spirits exist? Is it true that God listens to me? Why is it that I cannot be happy? What do my dreams mean? What happens while we sleep? Why do I suffer? All these questions, which answers have been a mystery for centuries, are finally answered! Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera® is the “treasure map” that will make a reality of the transformation that you have been looking in your life.

I wrote this book in a way that is fun to read, regardless of the deepness of its content. Let me guide you on this wonderful journey, where all mysteries of life will finally be revealed. Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera® will clearly explain the origins of your problems. It will show you how to conquer inner peace and will give you the formula to reach your dreams.

Divas Never Age® – “Divas Are Beautiful©” – (Hardcover)

Divas Never Age© – “Las Divas Son Hermosas©” – (Capa Dura)

Divas Never Age© – “Las Divas Son Hermosas©” – eBook

* You will receive each hardcover edition personally dedicated and autographed by the author Ricardo Chávez!

Readers Reviews


I bought this book out of curiosity and I was really impressed! I could not stop reading it! It’s full of information that has changed my life!

It is a book not only to read but to study and put into practice. Now I am reading it again and making my notes, studying it and writing to Ricardo, asking him questions about the book, and I have very many questions! And the nicest thing is that Ricardo Chávez answers them! Everyone should read this book and put into practice all the teachings that are there!

Thank you, Ricardo, for the beautiful gift that is your book!

Mónica Torreblanca

I have been blessed to be a Reiki Master Sensei since 2009 and much of my learning comes from enlightened people who come to me, right at the moment when I most need a lesson, which was the case with Ricardo Chavez’s book.

He has such a humble, simple and precise way of explaining everything that anyone, regardless of their level of preparation, will awaken her consciousness and be able to be a better version of herself, finally realizing that Your Life Does Not Have To Be Soap Opera…

I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Ricardo Chavez’s second book!!

Susana C.

I loved the simple language with which the author expresses himself, which makes the profound topics he speaks about in the book very understandable.

I loved learning about the famous “deja vu” and finally understood what reincarnation is and why we reincarnate. The author explains everything in such a clear, simple and interesting way that it is a delight to read it!

“Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera” not only left me reflecting on things in my life, but it has been a learning experience in many other ways! It has become my bedside book that I know I will read frequently. Simply fascinating!

Cristina Marques



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Do you like what you are reading? I certainly hope so!
If you would like to read more about these wonderful and enlightening truths, please Download the e-Book or order the Hard Cover edition through Amazon.

Blessings and lots of light!

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