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As a Personal Transformation Coach, I specialize in helping amazing women like you liberate the powerful woman that they have inside, to discover the purpose of their lives and to overcome the obstacles and challenges that haven’t allowed them to achieve the life they want to live.

If you’re going through some transition in your life, whether it be personal, professional, emotional, material or not, or if you feel lost, depressed, anxious, anguished, without energy or you feel like you’ve lost the joy of living, YOU AREN’T ALONE! I’m here to help you!


My mission is to stop your suffering and replace it with passion and purpose in your life. I want to help you stop being a hostage to the future that never arrives and to conquer the glorious present that you have within reach! No more waiting to “lose weight” or for you to be “in a better financial situation” or for “my kids to grow up.” NO!

The woman of today wants to feel more connected and committed to herself. She deeply desires to find the spiritual balance that is so desperately needed in these chaotic times and she wants more satisfying relationships and friendships.

That woman wants to help the world, feel braver and serve! She wants to eat healthily, look good, feel sexy, elevate her self-esteem and joy for life. She’s tired of living life in mediocrity, of surviving in the gray area when it’s time to live in full color and conquer the rainbow of her life!

But she doesn’t know where to start!

If you’re that woman, surely at reading this you feel some grand emotion, hope or even feel worried that you haven’t achieved it but always remember that you are sacred! You’re divine! You are POWERFUL, unique and inimitable! And as such, you deserve to reach your full potential, conquer your most desired dreams and to BE HAPPY!

Let me help you conquer your dreams!


Personal Fulfillment

To live a full life and feel fulfilled is our right. We are born to be happy, not to suffer! I can help you achieve it!

Love / Relationships

It is important to live in peace and harmony! We deserve to love, to be loved and to be respected! Let me help you accomplish it!

Fitness / Nutrition

Do you want to achieve that dream body? With me, you will achieve it! Click here to see my Fitness & Meal Plans!

Health / Wellness

You deserve to feel good and full of energy! With my guidance, this will be a reality. Are you ready to conquer it?

Career / Business

Without the right strategy, your career and finances may be at risk. With my Coaching, you can make your dreams come through!

Spirituality / Loss

Understanding our spiritual reality is essential to stop suffering from losses or break-ups. Let’s start the liberation process now!

What my wonderful freedom empowerers say


Transformational Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between me (your Coach), and you (my client) where the main goal will be to help you to transform different aspects of your life and to conquer your goals and dreams. I will become part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, part rent-a-friend, part fitness advisor, soul healer and much more.

We will begin by clarifying what you want. Then I will assess where you are right now and we will review your resources and options. Then we will create action plans and I will instill motivation and commitment while calibrating along the way and will work to keep you on track. The celebration of every success will occur along the way.

I will:

  • Work with you on creating goals, assessing your reality, brainstorming options and figuring out what you will do.
  • Design an alliance with you and we will create a plan and will commit to it.
  • Help you to shift limiting beliefs, uncover hidden patterns of thinking and create rapport in order to bring out your full potential.
  • Make my main goal to help you reach authentic happiness and fulfillment and we will reach it while conquering smaller challenges along the way.
  • Help you identify breakdowns in your life so we can change the parts of it that are preventing you from fixing those breakdowns by exploring different aspects of your being like your psyche, your spirituality, your childhood, your spiritual past and your experiences in life.

Every client is unique, but it is typically recommended to have at least one year of coaching for a permanent and real transformation on most aspects of your life. There might be some goals in your life that will only require 3 months. But there will be others, like for example, a physical transformation, that will normally take 6 months to show real results. I recommend a minimum of 3 months of coaching for any transformation in your life.

  • Overcoming divorce, betrayal and resentment.
  • Improvements in self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Getting through loss of loved ones.
  • Finding purpose and getting awareness of existence in life.
  • Fulfillment and feelings of gratitude.
  • Better relationships, better communication, and heightened interpersonal skills.
  • Increased work, career, and business performance.
  • Greater inner peace and spiritual balance.
  • Improvements in anxiety, depression and panic attacks.
  • Better health, fitness and wellness, more energy and lowered stress levels.
  • Success in stopping bad habits.
  • More income.

With nearly a decade of proven success, Ricardo Chávez proprietary techniques and methodologies have helped thousands change their lives forever. Unlike other coaching programs, I will go beyond simple strategy and mentoring and will focus on your transformation as an integral being formed by mind, spirit and physical body. Even a great strategy doesn’t matter without the right knowledge and understanding of your soul, your spiritual past and your spiritual reality to implement it.

What if you took active control of your mind and spirit and redirected your focus on living life at the next level? What if you had the tools to re-program the way you think, feel and also your awareness? What if you develop a mindset so positive, so powerful that you design a life that gives you fulfillment, joy, and passion? What if you finally conquer your dreams and fulfill your wildest desires in life?

Absolutely! Not everyone lives close by and I don’t want anybody to not get the help they need because of that! I coach many clients around the world online and it is still face-to-face since we can see each other on screen. So, don’t worry, I got you covered!

Yes! I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

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